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A husband and wife photography and videography duo documenting intimate and joy-filled weddings in Columbus, Ohio with a photojournalistic style.

Ashely + Aaron // Anniversary Session // Columbus, Ohio


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When couples say they are down to do whatever, even if it’s doing their session out in the rain, those are my kind of people. I was so excited when Ashley and Aaron said they were down to do their photos in the rain. *heart eye emojis* I met them at some land their family recently bought + where they hope to someday build a home. We wandered around the property in the rain and had such a wonderful time together! Rain is definitely something you shouldn’t be afraid of when it comes to photos, if anything I think it makes it more personable and intimate. P.S. Ashely is also an amazing photographer + Aaron is an incredible tattoo artist, check out their work here from the links below.

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