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A husband and wife photography and videography duo documenting intimate and joy-filled weddings in Columbus, Ohio with a photojournalistic style.

Allison + Jake // Camping Anniversary Session // Mohican State Park


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Allison and Jake are some downright amazing humans! When Allison reached out to me and told me her idea for their anniversary session I was jumping around for joy because it sounded like so much fun! She said that they were going to go camping and that they wanted photos of them hanging out and enjoying themselves in the great outdoors. On the day of their session I met up with them at their campsite in the Mohican State Park. They were gracious enough to make me dinner, we got to sit around the table and enjoy each others company before we started taking photos. After dinner we hung out around the campsite, telling stories and taking photos. Jake told me that recently in their hometown of Mount Vernon the big news was that there was an alien sighting, and graciously later in our shoot he recreated the description of the sighting, it had both Allison and I rolling on the ground laughing our heads off. These two are just wonderful humans and I had so much fun documenting their love for each other! 

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