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A husband and wife photography and videography duo documenting intimate and joy-filled weddings in Columbus, Ohio with a photojournalistic style.

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Dee + Troy's GIF-ideo // Italian Village, Columbus, Ohio



This is my first ever GIF-ideo session. If you don’t know what that is, well…let me tell you! A GIF-ideo is a video that ranges from 30-60 seconds and it’s made up completely of GIFs that are made up of photos. Each video ranges from 700-1,000 photo strung together to make a stop-motion-esque video. Think Harry Potter photos and that’s what this is! It’s a way to document your love for each other in a new and unique way! (side note: we all decided that the session should be in black and white, normally these sessions would be in color!) If you are invested in more information about a GIF-ideo session, click the button below!

Dee and Troy were so much fun, they are quirky and silly and just downright awesome humans. I had so much fun doing their GIF-ideo session! We wandered around Italian Village in Columbus, Ohio. It is filled with the coolest buildings and the most beautiful alley ways! I hope you enjoy! :D