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Hola, I'm Grace! 

I am a photographer for humans in love based out of Columbus, Ohio + Orange Co, California or really anywhere where you want your photos taken, I will be there. I believe every human has a story to be told - whether that be a couple, a family, or photos of your cat high on catnip, I will be there 100%, no questions asked.

The simple things in life are my favorite - cats, confetti, my husband (maybe he should have gone first, lol sorry bro), ice cream, simple..ya know? If my humor could have a spirit animal it would be Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, I have always dreamed of seeing a Nargle.

I’m quirky, introverted and like to be a wall flower most of the time, but I also don’t have a problem with putting people in their place. If you are into it, I am an INTP in the Meyers Briggs test and a 5 on the enneagram!

In the end I believe our relationship is more than just client and photographer, it's more like a friendship. There's a lot of trust, joking around and love. I've ALWAYS got your best interest in mind and will have your back no matter what!

Grace Brandon-Grace Brandon Final-0221.jpg


I might be the face of “Grace E. Jones Photography” but I think there’s someone else you should know…

BRANDON!!! He’s my husband (that's us up there!) second shooter, videographer and the my person who reaches the ice cream on the top shelf of the cooler at Whole Foods, because let's face it, I'm pretty dang short. Brandon lives for coffee, some might say coffee runs through his veins. (wouldn't that be great, he could give coffee instead of blood) Ironically, I am allergic to coffee! We met in the far off land of Cambodia one summer a long time ago, we didn’t like each other at all then, I can remember hiding behind my mom most of the time so I didn’t have to talk to him. We reconnected on Facebook a few years later and pretty much instantly fell in love. He moved from California to Ohio ( I think that’s how you know it was love, right?!) and now we are here doing what we love most - taking photos and videos of humans in love.

P.S. We have a fluffy orange kitty cat named Puff, we might be biased, but we think he is pretty awesome!