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A husband and wife photography and videography duo documenting intimate and joy-filled weddings in Columbus, Ohio with a photojournalistic style.




When you think of getting your photo taken do your hands get sweaty, do you feel like you could pass out from fear of the unknown, are you nervous to have a camera pointing at you for an hour? I hope not, but I know some people that feel like that, you're not alone!!

If you aren’t a photographer, you probably have no idea what to expect from a photo session, unless maybe you are a model! You might be thinking “I thought you just show up, pose us and take photos?” Well, you are partially right, you forgot the confetti and ice cream (just kidding I don’t bring ice cream, but confetti...well that’s another story)! Here’s what you can expect from a session with me.


1. Get to know you. I love getting to know my clients - what makes their heart skip a beat, what makes them so happy they could burst! To me taking photos is so much more than solely taking photos. I want to capture your spirit in a photo, in a super non-creepy way, of course. A photo that generations from now can look at and see exactly who you were in that moment. 


2. Photo session time! During your whole session, I will be talking to you, asking questions, and probably embarrassing myself by saying something weird. The interaction between you and your love or you and your family is the most important to me.

Fun Fact: I DON’T want you to look at me (I have stage fright; why do you think I hide behind a camera for my job?! Lol jk, but really).

The interactions of daily life are so much more beautiful than a stiffly posed subject; there are exceptions though. Think about it, when are you the most comfortable? For me it’s when I am in the presence of the ones I love, in the arms of my husband, cuddling with my cat and eating cookies with ice cream. I will be there to capture these moments for you to cherish and hold dear for years and years. I encourage you to eat ice cream at all shoots. Be yourself, be weird, have fun, and dance like nobody’s watching all are recommended and not only acceptable but highly encouraged when you are getting photographed by me!


3. Time to edit. Now your session is complete! I go home (cuddle with my cat and eat ice cream) and put your photos on my computer and two external hard drives for safe keeping away from the boogeyman. It’s time to cull and edit your photos. I go through all of the photos first, pick the good ones, and then I edit them using stardust and kittens to make them extra special.


4. YAY! Your photos are done and are headed through the paths of the interwebs to your inbox. From there you can download them, print them, share them with friends and family and of course, you are going to print them out and hang them all over your house, right?! Printing your photos is so important I don’t even know where to begin, just humor me and print your photos!!!