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1817 East Lakeview Avenue
Columbus, OH, 43224
United States


Destination wedding and family photographer based out of Columbus, Ohio. Available worldwide!


Grace E. Jones is an Ohio based lifestyle photographer, specializing in wedding and family photography. Let's capture the joy of existing together! Based out of Columbus, Ohio

The Blauch Family // Sugarcreek, Ohio


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The Blauch family is the sweetest! I remember doing photos of them when their sweet Isla was just a little baby! We did a few in home photos, playing with play dough and then watching Isla freak out over her bunny rabbits, this girl LOVES animals! As soon as the sun started to look nice and golden we rushed out of the house to go for a drive in their families '73 Fiat. Can I say DREAM CAR much??!!! I am so thankful for these beautiful humans!! They have influenced my life more than they know! 

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