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A husband and wife photography and videography duo documenting intimate and joy-filled weddings in Columbus, Ohio with a photojournalistic style.

Cambodia // Update Two


It's now my second week in Cambodia. It hasn't even been a full week but I feel like we have done so many things in the past 4 days. I'm just warning you now, this is a realllly long blog post - but I feel it's totally worth look all the way through! 

On Saturday, January 31 we went to 2 different markets (so I could take some of the photos below) went on the Nori Train (Bamboo Train) - it's one of the coolest things I have done. Google it sometime! After the train ride we went to a 3D movie - where you pick the movie you and your party wants to watch, order your food and then watch the movie and eat your food. It's like your own personal restaurant and movie theater. On Sunday, February 1  we went to 2 different church services. After the second service and dinner, we (Lindsay, my roommate & travel buddy) didn't feel so great. So we stayed in our duplex all Sunday evening & Monday. Today is now Tuesday, February 3 & we made it out of the house. *clapping & jumping up and down*.

We decided to check out a new cafe (The Green Mango). It's super delicious and of course they have free wifi which they are graciously letting us use! On the way to the Green Mango, Lindsay and I decided we would like to try and ride A bike - yes, that's singular. The bike is big and my legs didn't reach the peddles, thankfully Lindsay's legs do. So she hops on the seat, I hop on the back - and off we go. I am pretty sure everyone was laughing at us. Good news though - we didn't fall over and we made it down our street. I would say it was a success. Baby steps, right?

I am so excited to start working on the projects that I have lined up here. If I said that God isn't pushing me, I would be lying. He's showing me so many new things about myself and pushing me to go farther and deeper. Lindsay showed me this quote out of one of the books she is reading and it really struck me. 

"I always thought that the opposite of fear is courage, or that the antidote to fear is to be brave. I realized I had been wrong. The antidote to fear is not courage or bravery. It is trust! When complete and total trust is there, fear subsides."

Those words, mmm, so true. Where there is trust in the Lord your fears are no more. He is greater and He is so much more then your fears. When you trust in Him you are set free of those fears and worries. Trust. Such a simple thing, but such a big thing.

While being sick for the past 2 days that's something that really hit me. I am so fearful of getting sick (because, let's face it, I get sick alllll the time). Why should I fear when I know that there is someone so much bigger then this sickness who is watching over me. All I need to do is trust Him  and my fears, my anxiousness will subside. He takes care of me. He watches over me. 

Here's to another week filled with making games out of killing large bugs and mosquitos with a can of RAID - that smells like oranges. Trying to figure out how to make food without an oven. Navigating the town of Battambang, Cambodia on bike. Craving donuts with chocolate glaze and rainbow sprinkles. And trusting, trusting in the Lord.