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A husband and wife photography and videography duo documenting intimate and joy-filled weddings in Columbus, Ohio with a photojournalistic style.

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Bre + Smo's Witchy Winter Wedding at Oak Grove in Columbus, Ohio



Bre + Smo had the most wonderful witchy winter wedding at Oak Grove in Columbus, Ohio. It was colorful, unique and downright badass. Bre rocked a killer crystal crown, a leather jacket over her dress AND can we talk about her dress for a second?! Holy wow, amazing! Smo killed it in his light grey suit and silver paisley tie!! P.S. Can we all collectively agree that these flowers are insane, shout out to Bear Roots Floral!!

Their day was filled with the people that they love the most, their friends and family. One thing I love about weddings is how it brings everyone together to celebrate the love and marriage of two of their friends, it’s truly a beautiful thing if you sit and think about it.

Their bridal party was insanely awesome! They even went along with my ideas for making GIFS (if you were a part of Bre + Smo’s bridal party - you are awesome!!) Bre’s “Witches Coven” was dressed in gem tones and Smo’s crew was in silvery grey - such a great color pallet if you ask me! The bright hues on a cloudy winter day made everything just that much better!


At Oak Grove they have the most beautiful ceremony location inside of an old greenhouse, it almost makes you feel like you are outside, without it being freezing cold…I’d say that’s a perk especially for a winter wedding! Bre + Smo’s ceremony was short and sweet. It was officiated by one of their close friends and was filled with so much joy and character, I have to share with you the poem that Bre read during her vows:

“A birch sits quietly a little ways away, it’s branches

like rib cages, white and peeling skin off of its own shoulders

against the dark fog of this molting summer.

I touch your wrist with my wrist and et them confused.

The wind turns over and your skin turns to braille

beneath my palm.

Ours is a careful verse - but this isn’t

a quiet poem.

English language my ass.

When you kiss me, my syntax hits

the wall across the room and shatters

in shards of words that scatter

across the floor.

I lie against the white picket fence of your chest

and look up at a sky that’s just a smudge of your iris.

I’m thinking of the anatomy of this earth; of how

the plates of your skull have hardened in such a way

that we will always be in love with one another.

The birch sits quietly

and a blue jay laughs overhead.

I say I love you

and the letters get caught

between the branches.”

“Greylock Mountains” By Shinji Moon

After spending the day with them, this poem encapsulates the love they share with one another, poetically beautiful!


After their ceremony all of their guests went inside for cocktail hour while we went to do some more portraits of the lovely couple. At cocktail hour they had tarot card readers reading guests cards, such an awesome little touch to the day!

Now can we talk about the reception!? The tables were decorated with gemstone, candles and favors that Bre and Smo made for their guests! Speeches were said, dances were had and tears of laughter fell from the eyes of guests, in other words, it was GOOD! They met while working at Jeni’s Ice Cream in Columbus, so of course they HAD to have Jeni’s being scooped up right there for them and all of their guests to enjoy after dinner. Then the party got started and dancing ensued! With all of the lights hanging from the ceilings and the big windows all over the reception hall, it makes you feel like you’re in the grand hall from Harry Potter with all of the candles hanging overhead. (I might have been drooling a little)


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