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Destination wedding and family photographer based out of Columbus, Ohio. Available worldwide!


Grace E. Jones is an Ohio based lifestyle photographer, specializing in wedding and family photography. Let's capture the joy of existing together! Based out of Columbus, Ohio

Cambodia // Update Ten


WOW. Where has the time gone!? Seriously, it feels like I just got here. And now I have a little over two weeks left here in this beautiful country. Time flies, doesn't it?

Bopha is one of my friends here in Cambodia, she has been teaching us how to make Khmer food. Two weeks ago I got the chance to go to the village where Bopha lived and her family still resides. I had asked Bopha to make a traditional Khmer soup called Korko. She said that her mom makes it the best, so we went to her families house in the village. Bopha is a woman of many talents, she is an amazing cook. Her mom taught her everything she knows, so of course her mom's cooking is great too. (And believe me, it is.)

Korko has a lot of delicious ingredients - as you can see from the photos below there are a lot of leaves (I'm not sure what they are, but they were good), along with green papaya, pumpkin, green long beans, eggplant, chicken, fish and some tasty spices.

Bopha's village is right on the river that runs through Battambang, around 15 - 20 minutes out of town. A lot of her family lives in the village and I got to meet most of them during my afternoon there. I love the way Khmer women prepare food. Everything is precisely done - like the cutting of the vegetables - same shape, length, pattern. They make the food so beautiful. And the presentation is always gorgeous!