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Destination wedding and family photographer based out of Columbus, Ohio. Available worldwide!


Grace E. Jones is an Ohio based lifestyle photographer, specializing in wedding and family photography. Let's capture the joy of existing together! Based out of Columbus, Ohio

Phoenix's Birthday // A Video Project // Columbus, OH


This past weekend I got to learn how to shoot & edit video from one of my favorite photographers / videographers, Rachel Joy Baransi ! Rachel had asked Alicia Wines & I to do video for her wedding in September! (Seriously, I cannot wait to be a part of Rachel & Adams big day) Alicia and I knew absolutely nothing about video, but with the help of Rachel we now have a solid foundation of videography knowledge! I never thought that I would like to do video, but I have found that it's very therapeutic and fun! 

Rachel, Alicia and I had gone back and forth trying to find an interesting subject to document. After much discussion we decided on going to a boy named Phoenix's 8th birthday party. Now, I know what you are probably thinking, "Oh no, a video about a birthday party..." Well, there's a twist, Phoenix's mom has been writing her son letters. Chelsea, Phoenix's mom, is an amazing writer. (Check out Chelsea's Blog)

Rachel taught us how to record only the voice and then add it into the video later. We got to record Chelsea reading a few of her letters to Phoenix. The letters are beautiful. I am sure they are something Phoenix will treasure for the rest of his life. 

During the weekend I ended up making two different videos, below is the one I like the best along with a few screen caps of the whole day. (Guys, I am still a photographer after all...)