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Hola, I'm Grace! 

I am a photographer for humans in love based out of Columbus, Ohio + Orange Co, California or really anywhere where you want your photos taken, I will be there. I believe every human has a story to be told - whether that be a couple, a family, or photos of your cat high on catnip, I will be there 100%, no questions asked.

The simple things in life are my favorite - cats, confetti, my husband (maybe he should have gone first, lol sorry bro), ice cream, simple..ya know? If my humor could have a spirit animal it would be Nacho from Nacho Libre “Get that corn outta my face!!”

I’m quirky, introverted and like to be a wall flower most of the time, but I also don’t have a problem with putting people in their place - groomsmen watch out, I'm looking at you!

In the end I believe our relationship is more than just client and photographer, it's more like a friendship. There's a lot of trust, I've got your back and I am always looking out for your best interest no matter what!







I might be the face of “Grace E. Jones Photography” but I think there’s someone else you should know…

PUFF … oh wait, I mean BRANDON *cough* he’s my husband, second shooter, videographer and the my person who reaches the top shelves at stores when I can’t because I am so dang short. Brandon lives for coffee, some might say coffee runs through his veins. (wouldn't that be great, he could give coffee instead of blood) Ironically, I am allergic to coffee! We met in the far off land of Cambodia one summer a long time ago, we didn’t like each other at all, I can remember hiding behind my mom most of the time so I didn’t have to talk to him #TRUTH. We reconnected via Facebook a few years later and pretty much instantly fell in love. He moved from California to Ohio ( I think that’s how you know it was love, right?!) and now we are here. Doing what we love the most - taking photos.