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Info + Pricing

Columbus, Ohio wedding photography information and frequently asked questions. We are a husband and wife duo specializing in intimate and untraditional weddings.


Why invest in photography and video?

Looking for a photographer or a videographer to document your story can be pretty overwhelming, from the cost to wondering what exactly you are going to get when it's all said and done-we get it!  Growing up we both loved telling the stories of everyone around us, now that has translated into our photo and videos! Telling your story is what's most important to us - having those memories and stories put down in photos and video so that future generations can see how insanely cool their ancestors were, sounds pretty awesome right? We capture the memories and stories of who you are together, so you can be in the moment, enjoying yourselves! Below is exactly what you can expect when you hire us!!



“…she did not disappoint. She is meticulous and sharp- always two steps ahead of you. She pays attention to the littlest details. Details that I wouldn't even pay mind to. But all these little details are what make the photo. She has a way of authentically making the goofiest and purest sides of you surface while capturing them before you even realize she's taking your photo. Being in front of a camera can be nerve-racking, but she makes you feel comfortable…”


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Weddings start at $2,500

Elopements start at $1,750

sessions start at $550


what to expect when you hire us

  • In person or Skype meeting to learn about each other and get a better understanding of how we can best capture your day to tell your story!

  • Help with your day of timeline and help give suggestions of how long things take!

  • Professionally edited images/video, by us! Together we have over 13 years of experience!

  • Venue walk throughs prior to your wedding day.

  • Online gallery, that you can download high resolutions images and share with your friends and family members all over the world!

  • Printing rights. This is so you can print anywhere your heart desires! Or if you want to support us, you can buy prints from us!

  • Brandon, he's much more than a second photographer, he's essential me, in dude form. Pretty cool right?! He also is the video man!

  • A lot of laughter (you get to watch us make a fool out of ourselves, just for you, I'd say that's worth every penny!) Sarcasm is key when you are being photographed by us!

  • Super duper fast communication, you'll get emails almost as fast as a wild wildebeest!

  • 1 week turn around time for photos and 1 month turn around for video, zoom zoom, my friends, zoom zoom.

  • Memories you get to cherish for the rest of your lives and share with older and younger generations to come for years.

  • I've been in the wedding industry for over 5 years now, if you need to know something or have questions/are looking for something specific, I can help, think of me as your personal guide into the wedding world!

  • And last but not least in anyway - We've got your backs your before, during and after your wedding. we want to be more than just "those photographer dudes" we want to be your friends and make your wedding experience painless and easy.

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how did You become a photographer?

Photography has been in my life more years than it hasn't been. My interest really bloomed when I was in 7th grade, my dad graciously bought me a camera for Christmas after I took his and never gave it back. I played around with it all through school and in 2010, (my JR. year of High School) I started my photography business. In 2014 I went full time with photography and haven't looked back since! 

Do you travel in the usa and INTERNATIONALLY?

The answer to that question is - 100% yes, we will go just about anywhere where you would need us!

If you want to ask us more about if we will travel somewhere, just fill out our contact form and we can set up a time to talk!

P.S. We do discounted travel rates for travel to California + we are out there often!

what's your APPROACH to photography and video?

Our approach to taking photos and video is documentary/photojournalistic based. During your wedding day, we are flies on the wall documenting everything that unfolds in front of our eyes. Our goal is to capture the intimate, real and joy-filled moments of who you are as humans, existing together! The in-between moments of joy and bliss are some of our favorite things to document!

Do you have a second shooter for every wedding?

Yes! My husband, Brandon. He's more than a second shooter, he is an extension of me throughout the day, kind of like an assistant to the regional manager vibe! Since getting married in 2016 we have worked as a team for each and every wedding! I love having him by my side! (he's a real gem! And he loves coffee just as much as I love cats, and that’s a lot!)

Do you offer Video?

Sure do!! Brandon (my husband) is the video master. He does everything related to video. We offer wedding videos at a discounted rate to all of our wedding couples, but if you interested in just having video done, we can do that too!! Another awesome perk, is that Brandon is a Certified Drone Pilot, which means we can do video + photos from a birds eye perspective on your wedding day!

how do we book with you?

To book a session or your wedding with me, please take a second to fill out the contact form! I love getting to know you first and foremost, so please tell me as much as you are comfortable! You are so much more than $$$ to me, you are humans, who I want to get to know and do the best job I can for you. Follow the link below to fill that bad boy out! I can't wait to talk with you!